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Matadero Madrid’s mission is to promote creation in all its forms and expressions. With special attention to cross-sectorial propositions, it focuses on three main action areas: training, production and dissemination.



Matadero Madrid is a living and changing space at the service of creative processes, participatory artistic formation and dialogue between the arts. It developed from its will to contribute to a reflection about contemporary sociocultural environment, as well as from its vocation to help the cultural construction of today and tomorrow.

A special part of Matadero’s mission is to stimulate contemporary creation, taking on an approach which not only is multidisciplinary, but also aims to surpass boundaries between the arts. All forms of artistic expression are considered:  performing arts, cinema, music, design, architecture, urban and landscape planning.

Matadero’s commitment to diversity is also reflected through its model of institutional cooperation between the private and the public sector. Such a model promotes people’s participation in the project and guarantees plurality, independence and viability.

Matadero Madrid and its institutional partners promote the formation not only of artists but also of its audience. It encourages the production of artistic work and the diffusion of local culture at both national and international levels. These three fundamental lines of action express themselves through a series of aims such as:

 1.Stimulate creation through open calls, as well as facilitate artists’ access to necessary resources.

2.Give special attention to the diffusion of artists’ work, based in the city of Madrid.

3.Become a center of encounter between cultural professionals, artists and the audience.

4.Promote the production of new artistic work by both local and international artists.

5.Contextualize artistic creation in its time and relate it to other public spheres.

6.Promote reflection on cultural construction processes.

7.Awake public interest for culture and create a new artistic audience.

8.Become a central venue for the Madrid’s main events and important international events linked to contemporary creation.

9.Establish a national and international collaboration network between similar spaces in order to initiate common projects.

10.Promote the organization of common activities between all institutions within the Matadero project.

Since the promotion of contemporary creation is an essential part of Matadero Madrid, a variety of projects has been initiated to help artists:

Support to the production of artistic work:  As a main means of assistance, Matadero promotes an aid scheme to support creativity. Established in 2006, it has become one of the main channels of promotion for artists, collectives and the city’s cultural agents.  This aid scheme covers a variety of needs. It supports alternative spaces, collectives and cultural agents in the development of their work in Madrid. It also helps artists to produce and display their latest work in the Matadero.

Creators’ Archive in Madrid: Founded in 2009, it is an initiative which aims to give more visibility to artists from Madrid or those living in the city. The archive, which is in its first phase, focuses on visual and plastic artists under 35. It is both a physical space, located in Matadero Madrid’s Coordination Office, and a virtual space. All references are available in Castilian and English.


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