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An international network

Matadero Madrid was created as a point of reference for contemporary artistic creation at both a national and international level.  To that end, it works in collaboration with other centres in order to exchange experiences.

Matadero Madrid aspires to strengthen the city’s image abroad. Together with other great institutions, it aims to promote Madrid and to position it as another great European cultural metropolis.  Its purpose is, therefore, to be open to all approaches and initiatives, and to take Madrid-based creations far beyond its borders.

Matadero Madrid aims to enhance its international standing by means of collaborations with prestigious cultural institutions from Europe and other continents, with particular emphasis on Latin America.
Matadero Madrid keeps a close relation to other international centres for artistic creation. The newly opened Parisian space for artistic creation, Le 104 in Paris, Les Abattoirs in Toulouse, the Lieu Unique in Nantes, the Mattatoio in Rome and the Delfina Foundation in London are just some of the centres with which it is currently working. Thanks to its policy of furthering international exchange, the associated institutions with the Matadero will also be in permanent contact with specialised centres in different creative fields.
In addition to constituting one of the city’s most important vehicles for overseas promotion, Matadero Madrid defines itself as a multicultural and intercultural space open to other cultures, thus reflecting Madrid’s cultural diversity.


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