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What is Matadero?

Matadero is a Madrid-based centre for contemporary creation promoted by Madrid City Council’s Arts Department, in association with public and private entities.

How can I access the spaces in Matadero Madrid to exhibit or produce works?
Proposals can be e-mailed to  for consideration and assessment by the Matadero Madrid coordination team and the heads of associated institutions.

How is Matadero managed?
The Matadero Madrid project is managed by Madrid Destino, Cultura, turismo y Negocio, S.A. via Matadero Madrid’s coordination team and in collaboration with associated institutions.

How many centres hold and organise activities in Matadero?

Activities are currently organised by Matadero Madrid’s coordination team (abierto x Obras, Archivo de Creadores, Nave 16, Calle & Plaza Matadero and complementary activities); Naves Matadero. International Living Arts Centre; Intermediae (programmes focusing on reflection on creation processes); Casa del Lector (a cultural space where readers and reading take center stage), Cineteca Madrid (documentary films exhibitor) and the Design Centre, which is the design promotion platform managed by the Madrid Designers Foundation.

Are the spaces available for hire?

Private events can be organized in the spaces in Matadero Madrid, provided they are compatible with the center’s usual activities. For information on spaces for hire and rates e-mail or telephone +34 917220400

How much does a ticket cost?
Except where otherwise indicated for specific events, entrance to the complex, most activities and exhibitions are free. Free entrance is one of the distinctive features of Matadero Madrid.


Matadero Madrid offers is accessible by wheel chair for its audience with reduced mobility.

Is there a car park?
Matadero Madrid does not have its own car park. Public parking is available within a reasonably short radius. However, the centre’s public transport links are excellent. (See “Where we are").

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