Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives

Desde el 14 de junio 2019
al 06 de octubre 2019
Hora: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Precio: Free entry


Espacio: Centro de residencias artísticas

Comisariado: elii [oficina de arquitectura]
Matadero Acción Mutante [Matadero Mutant Action) is a process being carried out in partnership with others to design a cyborg garden in Matadero Madrid. The aim is to formulate a climate change adaptation strategy to transform Matadero Madrid into a desirable space: a cyborg garden for trialling forms of co-existence between humans and non-humans that invites visitors to use Matadero’s open spaces in different ways.

Why a cyborg garden? Firstly, a garden is unfailingly a space of encounter between species of different natures and a place of enjoyment, desire and care. And secondly, the cyborg aspect allows us to imagine the relationship between nature and technology as spheres that must, necessarily, be regarded as a continuation of each other, as a hybrid species.

Matadero stands at the heart of an urban ‘heat island’: a place where heat accumulates as a consequence of its location and its physical configuration. The proposal is to implement strategies to mitigate the heat island effect and to rethink the role of the public space in relation to climate change. To this end, since February 2019 a group of artists has been pursuing a range of creative processes to imagine a cyborg garden at Matadero, with guidance from a team of technicians and experts in various disciplines. The projects displayed in this room present some initial approaches to this cyborg garden.

During this process, Matadero Madrid will become a laboratory for testing nature-based solutions that will culminate in a series of replicable prototypes capable of raising the resilience of this public space in Madrid.

Matadero Acción Mutante is the first of the projects to be developed by the Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales [Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives].
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