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Through combativeness and resistance

03 de marzo 2012
Lugar: Nave 16
Hora: From 11AM to 8PM approximately
Precio: Free of charge


Espacio: Matadero Madrid

For the A Look at Women Festival, artists from a variety of backgrounds use their bodies as a symbol of resistance against the oppression of totalitarian regimes and male violence. The activities begin with a round table discussion featuring the art critic Rocío de la Villa, the artist and Universidad de Murcia professor Lorena Amorós, Mexican performer Lorena Wolffer, and Irene Ballester, Ph.D. in Art History from Universitat de València.  Additionally, there will be viewings of the video performances by the following artists: Janet Toro, Alicia Framis, Teresa Serrano and Regina José Galindo.  The activities will close with performances by Nieves Correa and Lorena Wolffer, who deals in her piece with the situation of many women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. 

Organised by Fundación Lydia Cacho, with funding from the Spanish Ministry of Culture

The idea for the A Look at Women Festival
came about due to the need to reflect in culture as well the sensitivity in current society toward the equality of men and women.  The Festival's main aim is to promote and give visibility to the fundamental role women play in ever professional field in the visual arts.


Please note that video screenings will be continuous throughout the entire event.


Videos: Beginning at 11AM.
  • El cuerpo de la memoria [Body of Memory].  Janet Toro/Chile/1999.  Created for the II Bienal Arte Joven “Ala Sur” Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile. 90 performances and installations: interviews with survivors of the Chilean dictatorship's prisons. Premiere showing in Spain.
  • La Piñata. Teresa Serrano/Mexico/2003.  A mannequin is beaten to the point of dismemberment.
  • Perra [Slut].  Regina José Galindo /Guatemala/2005Performance filmed at the Prometeo Gallery in Milan.  The bodies of murdered women with messages carved into the skin of the victims.
  • Anti-dog. Alicia Framis/Spain/2002. Courtesy of the Helga de Alvear Collection.  A runway show projected over the facades of buildings in Madrid, beginning at the Helga de Alvear Gallery and ending at the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía.  The women wear designs in twaron (bulletproof material) by various designers.

Round table: 12PM- 2:30PM. “Extreme images and their role in stirring awareness"


  • 6PM. Nieves Correa performs Till Doomsday (2006), an indictment of patriarchal violence where the artist uses as many tubes of lipstick on her body as the number of years she's lived. (IVAM Valencia 2008)
  • 7:15PM. Lorena Wolffer performs Mientras dormíamos: el caso Juárez [While We Were Sleeping: The Juárez Case], (2002 – 2004).  Her body becomes the vehicle for the recognition of accepted violence.

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