An intervention by AM&CO for the IN-SONORA Festival

Desde el 12 de abril 2012
al 29 de abril 2012
Lugar: Depósito de especies


Espacio: Matadero Madrid

This intervention uses robotic arms sequenced with levers, performing on highly friction-sensitive quartz bowls and tuned to different octaves in C.
The installation creates deep sonorous vibration fields which, beginning with an audible perception, leads to a tactile or even proprioperceptive experience.  To achieve this, concave quartz idiophones, mechanically struck, are used.  Thus any transcendental connotation attributed to these utensils is eliminated.  The sounds are created in an absolutely cold, regular and controlled way in repetitive sequences.
AM&CO is an ad hoc brand, whose origins can be traced back to an early preoccupation with optimising the transmission of mechanical energy.  After a long segue into trial and error, we have become specialised in what is known as “Special Manufacture”, referring to these objects, born of good intentions but having no specific purpose.

Opening: Thursday, April 12 at 8PM.
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
© Matadero Madrid

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