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Desde el 08 de junio 2012
al 29 de julio 2012
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Espacio: Matadero Madrid

ROSAS is a trilogy of operas – rooted in Senatore's engagement and interest for collaboration and music – specifically created for the screen, made with citizens from Berlin, Derby (UK) and Madrid. In all of her participatory-based projects, Senatore aims to bring together different communities, participants and associations, in order to foster the construction of an archive of shared narratives that create a sense of community.

For PERFECT LIVES, the first part of the trilogy, Senatore has involved hundreds of people, was collaborating with radio stations and local newspapers and invited schools, the Orchestra of the BVG, actors and dancers (professionals and not), groups and associations located in Kreuzberg/Neukölln to take part in the project.

The participants (247 in total) were involved in writing the Libretto, but also in making the final film and directing it, using cameras and lights. They shared time and skills according to their background and the level of involvement they would offer. The project encompassed a whole variety of relations, something that involves negotiations, between the instigator or mediator, the participants, the geopolitical context, and the way feelings and affective dimensions are negotiated in the public sphere.

The outcome is almost not an endpoint but one part of a much more bigger picture, a social and political dynamic that has been adopted by the community for a relevant time. SENATORE recounts momentary scenes, meetings between human beings: sometimes manipulated and rewritten, spontaneous or incited, these memories have generated social systems through aggregation and the concept of group or membership.
In activating processes, the artist (the instigator) intermingles and cuts across politics, gender relations, class divides with semi-forgotten stories, appearances of documents and fictional narratives in order to create, slowly, a sort of communal archive of ‘intensities’.

> We are looking for dancers, actors, musicians, gymnasts (amateurs or professionals) to take part in this project.  We are celebrating a casting on these dates: 29/05/12 (from 1pm to 5.30 pm); 30/05/12 (from 1 pm to 8 pm); 31/05/12 (from 1pm to 8 pm). If you want to participate, please write to: Please write to:

Opening: 7/05/12. 9 pm. Free entrance

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