Featuring Juan Diego Botto.

Desde el 02 de octubre 2012
al 04 de noviembre 2012
Lugar: Sala 1
Hora: Tuesday- Saturday: 8pm. (Saturdays in October feature two performances. Tentative time 2nd show: 9:30pm) Sundays: 7pm.
Precio: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 18€. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: 25€.


Espacio: Naves del Español

Dirección: Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Autor: Juan Diego Botto
Actores: Juan Diego Botto and Astrid Jones
Duración: Approx. 1'30"
Director's assistant: Rosalia Martinez
Sound design: Carlos Bonmati
Recording studios: La Bocina
Lighting design: Valentin Álvarez
Five characters in a piece that, using irony, humor, and drama, deals with two topics that overlap, get entangled and affect each other: exile and immigration.  Without being being patronizing, without condescension, and without using stereotypes, this play sets out to put a name a face to the people who, all too often, we only know about through numbers and statistics in the headlines.
A police officer who believes that in this country there is no room for anyone else.  An immigrant who calls his wife from a phone booth and, with hilarious misunderstandings and less-amusing disagreements, explains to her how things are going and how difficult the distance can be for him.  A sub-Saharan woman who tells her son about how she came to Europe and about the obstacles she faced in the "First World".
A young man who tells the story of his experiences facing torture in the 70s-era military dictatorship in Argentina, and a man who, marked with sarcasm, philosophizes about what it means to be far from home and lose it all in political exile.
These texts are based on and inspired by real people and real experiences brought to light thanks to the participation of different organizations and NGOs, to whom the author is truly thankful.

Meeting with the public: 17 October at the Café-Theater at Matadero.  Free entrance, with limited space.


A joint production by Producciones Cristina Rota andTeatro Español.

© Matadero Madrid

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