By Penny Vozniak

28 de diciembre 2012, 20h
04 de enero 2013, 22h
Precio: 3.50€


Espacio: Cineteca

Dirección: Penny Vozniak
Duración: 85 min
Jennifer Lynch, director David Lynch's, agrees the shoot a fantasy film in India.  The clash between the order of Hollywood and the chaos of Bollywood is not long in coming, and setbacks begin the very first day of shooting.  With her project floundering, alone with her daughter in an inhospitable country and with the camera as her only confidant, the filmmaker has no choice but to embrace India's frenetic disorder.
Director Penny Vozniak  is a documentary and music video director.  This is her first feature-length film.  She is currently at work on a project she's been working on for the last eight years about “real superheros”, as well as on a musical documentary produced in Kabul.

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