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Espacio: Centro de residencias artísticas

Inland Station is a project that presents the cultural strategy undertaken by Inland - Campo Adentro for the re-assessment of the relations between city and countryside as well as the study and development of new contexts and functions for Contemporary Art. During ARCO Art Fair, a selection of projects will be exhibited alongside documentation of the results of the production phase during the several artists’ residencies conducted throughout the Spanish countryside. The events program at Matadero Madrid will include discussions with the artists and neighbors and performances. Food will be served daily with tastings of products and dishes from several participating regions.
Thursday 14:
ARCO Art Fair- ARCO Foundation Room Pavillion 8
12.30 to 14.00 The Future of Art: peripheries use value and social change. Roundtable with Can Altay (artist), Alistair Hudson (Grizedale Arts), Vasif Kortun (curator), Chus Martinez (chief curator Museo del Barrio NY), Laura Raicovich (Creative Time NY), moderated by Fernando García Dory *
*Professional access request for ARCOmadrid before 4th February. Click here.
Matadero Madrid, Hangar 16.2
Opening from 19h to 23 h
19 h Presentation of School for Tourists, with Emma Smith and neighbors from Casares (Malaga) and Alistair Hudson (Grizedale Arts)
20 h Presentation of Ich bin ein Bauer auch möchte is gerne bleiben- I like being a farmer and would like to stay one, by Antje and neighbors and mayors from Encartaciones (Vizcaya). 
Dinner served: a traditional putxero from Encartaciones, Txacoli wine, and artisan Casares cheese.
Friday 15:
Matadero Madrid. Hangar 16.2.
Open from 11am
16 – 20 h Emma Smith at information desk of School of Tourists, project in Casares (Málaga)
20h-23h Presentation of the work of Can Altay developed in Carrícola (Valencia), and discussion with neighbors, Charles Esche ( Van Abbe Museum) , Vasif Kortun (SALT Istanbul), and Laura Raicovich (Creative Time NY).
Dinner served from Valencian horticultural products and wines and chufa beer. 
DJ Session, Exotic? rural music from the last 100 years from the 5 continents, selected by Abraham Rivera ( ECO Programmer) 
Saturday 16:
Matadero Madrid. Hangar 16.2.
Open from 11am
16 – 20 h Emma Smith at information desk of School of Tourists, project in Casares ( Málaga)
20h -23 h A hectare of land is handed over to whoever offers to cultivate it during the presentation of Carmen Cañibano's project Working time(s). In conversation with representatives of the Plataforma Rural, Jesus Carrillo (Museo Reina Sofia) and Manuela Villa (Matadero Madrid) 
Tasting of Castillian dishes prepared by artists EspadayMonleón. 
Presentation of the new platform Ecologies of Art and New Landscapes Research Group, to be conducted by Campo Adentro in Matadero Madrid, along with the project for a new centre of Rural Approaches "New Garden of Dahlias"
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