The Madrid Typography Festival

Desde el 27 de septiembre 2013
al 10 de octubre 2013
Precio: Conferences: 26.70€ DIMAD members, students, and the unemployed: 20€ You can request your discount code writing to: info@dimad.org. For the first fifty people to sign up, 10 copies of 'It's My Type' [Es mi tipo], a book on fonts written by Simon Garfield and published by Taurus, will be given away in a drawing. Tickets for workshops soon to be made available for sale. ticketea.com


Espacio: Central de diseño

Typo_mad is the Madrid Typography Festival.  It is intended to be an event to review the latest in typography- in editorial design, street art, brands, lettering, fashion, activism, poetry, metafonts, etc.
Typo_mad is a DIMAD project, coordinated in this, its third edition, by Pablo Gámez, Martha Mox / Piñata estudio, and Gabriel Martínez / DIMAD.  It is a number of activities (conferences, workshops, roundtables, screenings…) and exhibitions (Open expo Typo_mad, Type Directors Club selection TDC59 Exhibition, and 013 Type Generation) at Central de Diseño / DIMAD, at Matadero Madrid.
Activities will be held from September 27 through October 10, and features a lineup ranging from the most acclaimed professionals to the newest and most innovative projects...

Confirmed speakers include:
Andreu Balius 'Garcia Fonts & Co.  Typography as An Attitude'
Boa Mistura 'Typographic Accupunture in Public Space'
Manufactura independente 'Free Typography and New Paths'
Clara Prieto 'Typographic'
Diego Areso 'The Fall and Rise of Magazine Covers'
Pedro Arilla 'Modular'
Familia Plómez andTypocran 'Associations and Other Typographic Insanity'
José Ramón Penela 'Those Crazy People with their Old Junk.  The Private Press Movement'
Rubén García 'For Smart Guys'
Sergio Jiménez 'From the Notebook to School (And Vice Versa)'
Tavo 'The Art of Titles'
Tipo-e 'Affection For Typography'
Wete 'Do What You Feel Like Doing
Tres tipos gráficos 'O-R-B-E-A'
An Education 'An Education Project'
Blastto 'Blastto: Life And Types'.


Monday, September 30. 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm
From G. Hero to Type
By Blastto
In this experimental workshop, we'll use Google Maps as a basis to create modular typography.  We'll experiment with letters' shapes and structures, eventually designing a minimum number that we can use as a template.  We will finish with a brief tutorial of the typographic editor Glyphs, which can be used to export your typography.
Carlos Llorente is Blastto's real name.  Born in Guadalajara, upon completing his design studies he moved to Madrid to work as an art director and graphic designer.  He has recently moved to London.  Inspired by moonlighting as a DJ, his work stands out for the experimental nature of his illustrations and typography.  He has been chosen Best Young Spanish Talent for 2012 by Club de Creativos.  His work has been exhibited at Typo Mad 2012 and in magazines and web pages related to the field, such as Yorokobu and Experimenta Magazine.
Material: You'll need to bring your computer (Mac), but we'll provide the software.
Spaces available: 20 max. 
Sign up here.

Tuesday, October 1. 10am-2pm
Experimental Type Modular Metatypography
Let's play!  In this workshop, using his Modular Metatypography project as a model, we'll experiment with modules of a 'letterless' typography in order to make pictograms, illustrations, and other typography.  This is a workshop where you don't need to have previous experience with the topic- just a computer and a desire to have fun.
Participants will also take their typography home with them so they can keep on experimenting at home.
Material: You'll need to bring your computer and design programs (Illustrator, Inkscape, Indesign...).  Diego is throwing in his typography.
Spaces available: 20 max.
Diego Quijano. Santander, 1987.  Illustrator, graphic artist, and experimental typographer.  He works for independent media such as Mongolia, Líbero, and La Marea.  His style as an illustrator is akin to visual poetry, a conceptual game where he uses typography, photography, and vector elements.  He is a graduate of the Escuela de Arte 10 of Madrid.  He worked as an graphic artist at the defunct journal Público.
Wednesday, October 2. 10am-2pm
By José Román
In this workshop you'll become familiar with all the possibilities presented by CSS3 to get the most out of on-screen typography, above all those that have opentype programming.  We'll use practical exercises that you can apply in your next projects.  We'll talk about web fonts, licences, rasterizing, css, unicode, Javascript, and all things typography...  Who could offer more?! 
Material: A computer and previous experience with front-end (css, sass or less)
Spaces available: 20 max.
Friday, October 4. 10am-2pm
Glyph Vectorization.
By Bea Canu (Typocran) and Yago Bolívar (Familia Plómez)
When it comes to putting vectors in a font editing program, there are a few simple rules that we have to follow to make our own lives easier.
In this workshop, we'll see what steps must be taken so that your scanned images get to your font editor in the best condition possible, and so that your work with them is easy to do.  We'll review how Bezier curves work, where to put nodules, and how to use handlers.  And, finally, we'll see how a typography template is used in Illustrator, and we'll put what we've learned into practice by vectorizing a glyph.
Where: IED. Calle Larra, 14.  Hall 35
Material: Basic knowledge of Illustrator.  No computer needed.  Those who come without font drawings will be provided with work material.
Spaces available: 15 max.


We know that in Madrid there are a lot of new small-scale projects that remain unknown.  That's why we're holding an open call for three such projects that will be presented at the festival.  Send us a summary of your project to info@typomad.com and we'll give you ten minutes to present it.

This year an open call for amateur and experimental typographic work is being held.  For this work, a physical and online exhibition will be arranged, which will be opened the first day of the festival, going hand-in-hand with the TDC exhibition.  Participation is free and open to all.  Fill out a sign-up sheet (English version).

The festival's closing activities will be the opening of the Type Directors Club Exhibition.  This prestigious organization presents a showing of the year's best typographic work from around the world.  The latest trends, the best designers, and typographers, in an exhibition that you can see at Matadero beginning October 10.

The publishing house Tipo-e and Typo mad bring you the Student Tipography Exhibition 2013, created under the umbrella of the Ampersand Conference (England).  This showing brings together more than one hundred typographic specimens by students from forty-one universities and schools from around the world. This is an exhibition showcasing the future generation of type designers.


We're going on a walk around Madrid's most typographic areas!  Sunday, September 29 we'll discover letters and history all around the city.
For more information, visit typomad.com/

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