Poster exhibition

Desde el 10 de octubre 2013
al 17 de noviembre 2013


Espacio: Central de diseño

After the highly successful open call that was held, the poster exhibition "CON DOS COLORES" arrives at Central de Diseño at Matadero Madrid, featuring more than one hundred pieces that deal with current topics in a direct and visceral way.  It is an exhibition that looks to promote design and communication as agents for social change, giving a voice to anyone who has something to say.

Following the principle that sas "tell me and I'll forget it; show me and I'll remember it; involve me and I'll learn it”, we propose an exhibition designed to turn the viewer into a key piece of it by having him/her actively participate in the tour the show takes us on, thanks to its filter system created to decypher the posters it houses.  This is a different and fun way for children and adults to become the real stars of the show.
Messages that are free of traps and transparent, where culture, design, and creativity make themselves of service to public opinion, exposing the problems that condition our day-to-day lives.
Opinion in a wild state for those with bomb-proof stomachs: Opinion "CON DOS COLORES"!

You can follow this event on Facebook and at our blog, Con dos colores.
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