TDC 59

An exhibition by the Type Directors Club

Desde el 10 de octubre 2013
al 17 de noviembre 2013
Hora: Closed Mondays - Tuesday through Friday: 4pm-9pm - Saturday and Sunday: 11am-9pm


Espacio: Central de diseño

Once again the Central de Diseño at Matadero Madrid houses a prestigious exhibition: TDC 59 -New York Type Directors Club, which brings together a selection of the best of type design from 2012 on an international level.

Besides promoting contests and educational activities (workshops, seminars, etc.), each year the Type Directors Club selects the best type work from around the world.  Year after year- this is the 59th annual show-, the TDC receives thousands of projects from thirty different countries.  They then prepare an international jury.  Now the Type Directors Club has published the list of projects receiving their award for 2013, divided into two parts: Communication Design and Typeface Design.  Spanish names appear on both lists: Ena Cardenal de la Nuez and Ramón Escolá (Communication Design), and Ferran Milàn (Typeface Design).
The winning projects at Type Directors Club 59 have already been presented in many countries around the world: United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  Now it is Spain's- and Madrid's- turn.
The results are an exhibition with pieces whose connecting point is masterful handling of type.  Thus, the exhibition becomes a display case for experiments, trends, great designs produced around the world, and, in these online times, an homage to paper and printing.
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
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