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Desde el 11 de octubre 2013
al 31 de diciembre 2013


Espacio: Intermediae

“Our task today is reintegration, not the generalized power of the scream but the painstaking survey of the land.” – Édouard Glissant
During Autumn and Winter 2013 the lot located in front of the Depósito de Especies in Matadero Madrid hosts a series of debates and public presentations based on agroecological intervention in artistic processes with a new approach to the rural, in which, Campo Adentro, seeks to nurture a theoretical body and production of thought with which to guide further actions. Campo Adentro, through its Study Group on the Ecology of the System of Art, New Landscapes and Contemporary Cultural Territory that are promoted in Matadero Madrid’s Area of Thought, plans to do research on the potential and limits of a space of ruralisation in the city and on its transition towards sustainability. It is a series of sessions in which practical workshops are combined with presentations from international experts and local stakeholders.
Special guests in October are Landings formed by Natasha Ginwala (curator at the Berlin Biennial 2014) and Vivian Ziherl (curator of If I Can’t Dance Its Not My Revolution and also at the Witte de With art centre).
On October 18th, seed workshops.
On November15th at 16 h  Rastros en la nieve (Tracks in the snow) debate about the indigenous Sampi culture, in Artic Eurasia with Åsa Sonjasdotter and Matti Aikio from the Lapp Academy of art, Tromso, Norway. On the 16th at 12 h. Design workshop on creating a plan to promote urban agroecology. 
On December 13th, a day of debate on New Uses of Art, rural public arts, the history and politics of the British Pie, with Grizedale Arts, UK. Following on from these events will be a presentation from the editorial line of enquiry in Campo Adentro, a careful collection of titles on the rural issue, agrarian struggles and newSocial Forms, coordinated by Fernando García Dory and Carlos Monleón- Gendall.
Friday 11th of October 
From 11 h.  At the tree lined square in front of Depósito de Especies, entrance on Legazpi: workshop on building and land suitability at the Nuevo Jardin de Dalias: an approach, in collaboration with Inteligencias Colectivas
16 h. Intermediae’s Terrain: day of debate on moderated Landings, Fernando G. Dory, Carlos Monleón-Gendall and members of the Study Group. Screening of Breaking with Old Ideas (1975) 
Saturday 12th of October
14 - 20  h. Plaza arbolada, NJD:
Opening, day of seed cultivation, meeting with neighbours and debate about what can be done with an agroecological space in the neighbourhood?
16 h. Around the Imperial Pastoral: Presentation on Landings
19  h. En defense del común (in defence of the common): Debates about  good common land, rural dispossession and the law of local reform, delivered by representatives from the Plataforma Rural Estatal campaign. Screening of the documentary by Plataforma de Omaña en Defensa de las Juntas Vecinales y movimiento ciudadano 15M-Leó (Omaña Platform in defence of the Neighbourhood and citizens movement). 
21  h. Session by  DJ Abraham Rivera  A través de los Andes: Un viaje al folklore sudamericano (Through the Andes: A trip to South American folklore)
Based around central folkloric music from South America. In the session, carried out by Abraham Rivera, for Campo adentro we had the opportunity to listen to genres and styles from Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Bolivia. Between the dances and folkloric styles of each country we were able to hear: cumbias, choros, bambucos, bullerengues, charangos, bundes, huainos, ayarachis, chandés, wititis, típicos, tamboritos and cuecas, and many more.
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With support from the Área de las Artes, Matadero Madrid - Intermediae, Ministerio de Medioambiente, Agricultura and Alimentación, Ministerio de Cultura. 
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