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Technical Management: Plataforma 0 LABoral Centro de Producción.
Quadratura is a specific installation that arises directly from the space where it is located, the Abierto x Obras room.
Quadratura is the term used in the baroque period to designate the architectonic illusions that domes and walls extended through trompe l’oeil and perceptive games like the anamorphosis, generally using paints or sculptures.
The installation presented in the Matadero follows the same principle but manipulating the physical space by means or projected light. It is a matter of extending or creating new architecture adding a layer of projected virtuality to reality.
As Deleuze illustrates in Différence et répétition: «Virtuality does not oppose reality, only the present. Virtuality has full reality, like virtual… Virtuality should be defined as a strict part of the real object. » The representation that becomes part of the represented element is a projected space superimposed over the existing architecture on itself.
The main idea of Quadratura is working inside the head of the observer, using his/her perception mechanisms to build the space around him/her. Opening in walls can be made by manipulating light and shadow with a real opening existing or using the perspective to continue the lines of tiles that end at a wall that way extending the dimension of a room.  This way much of what happens in the installation happens in the head of the spectator, it is very difficult to measure in material terms, and it is not objective but subjective.  The installation does not exist without an observer that can experiment it.
Pablo Valbuena (Madrid, 1978), who learnt Architecture in the E.T.S.A.M., in the past has been linked with environments close to art and architecture developing spatial concepts applied to virtual surroundings and digital architecture.
Currently he develops artistic projects related to space, time and perception, relating architecture and installations with light and video-projection.
He has recently exhibited and presented his work in the 5th International Biennial in Seoul, in the OK Center for Contemporary Art in Austria, Netherlands Media Arts Institute, BankArts NYC in Yokohama, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Medialab Prado and in other exhibitions and public art interventions in Singapore, Canada, France, Holland and Spain.
You can find more information and documentation about his recent works in  
Quadratura is a Matadero Madrid and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial production.

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