Largest direct to the public space in Madrid

26 de noviembre 2016
27 de noviembre 2016
10 de junio 2017
11 de junio 2017
Lugar: Plaza Matadero
Hora: Saturday 11am-7pm / Sunday 11am-5pm


Espacio: Matadero Madrid

Madrid Productores is a direct-to-the-public market that opened its doors last year at Plaza Matadero. Since then, it's been held on the last weekend of each month, on Saturdays from 11am till 7pm and Sundays from 11am till 5pm.

This market aims to return to traditional food values with produce grown, raised and processed in the area close to the city in which we live. At the same time it pays special attention to presentation of both the food on offer and the market itself.
All together, farmers, cattle breeders and food producers will be present, all of whom share a passion for good produce and are from the Madrid region. They will be occupying 5,000 square metres of the Matadero Madrid’s interior courtyard, situated between this cultural centre of special significance in Madrid, and Madrid Río. All the stalls are especially designed to integrate perfectly with the surroundings.
Residents of Madrid will be able to shop at these stalls for organic food, fruit, vegetables, meat from the mountains just outside the capital, garden produce, oil, sourdough bread, jams, smoked fish, salted fish and meat, ice-cream, cheese, chocolate, olives, craft beers, salamis and sausages, Iberian ham products, pastries, liqueurs, pies, croquettes, eggs, vermouth, conserves, crisps, herbs, mushrooms, dairy products, sweets, wines, meat, honey, plants and flowers. To see the full list of participants, click here.
Madrid Productores is an initiative of Madrid Alfa Market, sponsored by the Regional Government of Madrid and backed by the capital’s City Hall and the following organisations:  Vinos de Madrid, ASEACAM, Carne de la Sierra de Guadarrama, Aceite de Madrid, Comité de Agricultua Ecológica de la Comunidad de Madrid and Madrid Destino.
The triangle of Culture, Leisure and Food:
Madrid Productores is located, as mentioned, in the open-air inside courtyard of Matadero Madrid. It forms part of this new Triangle of Culture, Leisure and Food, comprising Matadero Madrid itself, the promenade and sporting facilities of Río Madrid, a popular park amongst the Madrid inhabitants, and the market itself.
This allows residents and their families to visit the market while taking a healthy walk or bike ride, or after having seen an exhibition or taken part in a cultural event at Matadero.
The market stalls will be arranged in a way to allow you to do a complete monthly shop or to simply buy a specific product for a gift. The market will also organise demonstrations, talks, tastings and pairings and other activities. An 800 m2 area is set aside where visitors may taste the products bought at the market. The facilities are completed with kiosks providing information to the public, the organisation and first aid assistance.
The philosophy of the local market:
A monthly occasion in which to buy totally guaranteed fresh produce. The residents of Madrid have the right to eat organic products and produce grown, raised and processed in their region, as already occurs in other European capitals and cities across the United States where people appreciate buying and consuming food produced close to the city in which they live. There are many advantages to food sovereignty, organic products and food produced within a few kilometres of where they will be consumed: traditional flavours are reclaimed or become familiar again, jobs are created in the area and food culture, continuously growing in popularity, is shared.

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