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Desde el 01 de septiembre 2014


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Citykitchen seeks to generate a new way of building a city, based on collaboration between citizens, companies, local government and professionals from different fields.
Different forms of civic association focus their work on the regeneration of local spaces through artistic creation and cultural development. These public initiatives have generated an extensive landscape of excellent practices scattered around the city, sometimes with no connection between them, not having yet crystallised into a shared methodology or having grown around a collective know-how, and neither are these experiences related in any way through a common purpose.
Citykitchen continues with a variety of processes for compiling these experiences, such as that initiated by Viveros de Iniciativas Ciudadanas, to reflect on the possible methodological tools for collective construction and clear frameworks for dialogue between cultural, social and administrative players. It seeks to begin an investigation into currently existing processes and mechanisms through a series of meetings and public working sessions. They will attempt to identify the primary problems and barriers currently facing public initiatives and to reflect on the possible protocols that might aid their development and support these citizen-based processes for the management of the public space.
Over the past year La Mesa has participated in this urban planning group’s talks and initiatives. As a result of these conversations, today we are pleased to announce the setting up of the programme of meetings between citizen groups and technical staff from Madrid City Council.

Monthly meetings and public working sessions.
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