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Desde el 01 de septiembre 2014


Espacio: Intermediae

The Programa Tu Barrio / Autobarrios programme is a project to stimulate the collective imagination, autonomy and ability to participate in our day-to-day networks and immediate surroundings. By employing local resources and applied creativity, strategies are developed to get more out of your neighbourhood. Autobarrios is a tool to help set up a community urban development initiative, generating a network of people and resources to shape it.

In the coming months the project will be carrying out its fourth phase, to take place between Intermediae, Casa San Cristóbal and the Basurama studio. Some of the themes include ideas from experiences with pre-production, production and post-production of a neighbourhood-scale festival, from a practical point of view.
Further information here.

* Presentation and documentary space during FESTeen 2014, on 4 and 5 October
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
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