Urban landscape intervention

Desde el 01 de septiembre 2014


Espacio: Intermediae

Tetuán Landscape is a pilot project involving the urban interventions of public space in the district of Tetuán initiated in 2013.
A year after it began, Intermedia is still tied to ongoing projects resulting from these interventions, though activities and actions in collaboration with the communities that use them and the key players int he project.

The goal of #PaisajeTetuán is to improve the urban landscape in this part of Madrid. It offers the chance to explore the possibilities of improving the urban landscape through interventions of an artistic nature. The project falls within the City of Madrid’s Strategic Cultural Plan for 2012-2015 (PECAM) and a series of strategies aimed at improving the urban landscape by promoting creativity, public participation and dissemination of the project. The overall proposal consists of four main locations, collectively defined, thanks to the collaboration of the District Town Council that drew up the map of empty lots owned by the city and the Department of Urban Development, which supplied the pertinent zoning information. Each location is the site of various interventions by different collaborators.
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