Atlas of Local Initiatives

Desde el 17 de septiembre 2015
Lugar: Nave de Intermediae


Espacio: Intermediae

Intermediae presents the Los Madriles project. Atlas of Local Initiatives is a map of Madrid that shows spaces in the city where citizen initiatives are taking place. The aim of this map is to give visibility to many projects where work is taking place on a daily basis to improve the standard of living of citizens, by providing different forms of leisure, culture and mobility. 

Thousands of local residents are working together to build a city that is more liveable, sustainable, inclusive and participatory. Before them, others did the same, demanding dignified homes, clean streets, more public spaces and basic services.
The numerous spaces highlighted on this map and the ones that can be found on the digital version reflect the existence of a lively, yet invisible, city. However, the primary aim is to showcase the abilities of critical, active citizens, whose activities have led to the creation of new spaces for possibility, through self-management and participation.
Los Madriles is organised by different associations: the Regional Federation of Neighbourhood Associations in Madrid (FRAVM) and Intermediae Matadero, as well as groups such as Zuloark + Lys Villaba, Citizen Initiative Incubator [VIC]Paisaje Transversal and Todo por la Praxis.

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