Childhood and Public Space

Desde el 21 de septiembre 2017
al 18 de enero 2018
Hora: Thursday, September 21, 5 pm to 7.30 pm. We will publish more details shortly. Thursday, October 19, 5 pm to 7.30 pm. Thursday, November 16, 5 pm. to 7.30 pm. Jueves 14 de diciembre de 17 a 19.30 h Jueves 18 de enero de 17 a 19.30 h


Espacio: Intermediae

La Madroñera is a new line of work that focuses on some of the issues related to rearing in the city and tries to find answers to them. What role could public institutions play? and how can we generate support and exchange spots for families, networks and active projects in Madrid? These are some of the questions we would like to find answers for within this line of work.
We will create a core group formed by representatives of institutions (Intermediae, Medialab Prado, Juntas de Distrito de Usera y Arganzuela) and people who are involved in subjects related to childcare (associations, groups, AMPAs, etc) through different activities and spaces open to participation. This core group will meet once a month to debate and discuss different issues, specially those directed to making public institutions, like Matadero itself, more welcoming to children.
The meetings will be called and hosted by Pandora Pandora Mirabilia that will carry out an investigation of the initiatives and key agents, proposing interviews and two workshops open to families and users of Intermediae. The purpose is to identify the need of care and leisure, offer an evaluation and give ideas to improve our living together. The investigation will produce a final report that will summon all the findings throughout the process and the conclusions along with a series of proposals and a schedule. La Parcería. Infancia y familia (La Parcería, childhood and family) will take care of children, working with subjects related to what the core group is addressing in each session. By the end of each session both outcomes will be brought together for feedback.
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