Desde el 15 de diciembre 2017
al 17 de diciembre 2017
Lugar: Nave 10. Sala Max Aub
Hora: 8.30 pm.
Precio: 8€.


Espacio: Naves Matadero

Duración: 80 minutes.
What would happen if we asked Siri for instructions for dancing on the floor? Nerval, the post-pop-rock duo comprised of David Orrico and Tagore González, show us in this performance, broadening the meaning of their musical creation beyond instruments, using their bodies, various objects and the space around them to create hybrid scenes with a strong element of live music.
Nerval are musicians and artistic directors for the Cre.Art Project, a transdisciplinary performing arts company. Their language shifts between the conceptual and experimentation, and the everyday and the epic come together in their songs. David’s and Tagore’s strong connection to other artistic disciplines means that they conceive of their project as a generator of a creative framework that transcends the musical sphere. With the aim of forging paths and creating new formats and possibilities, they facilitate collaborations with other artists, advocating improvisation as a form of automatic creation and taking on a broad range of venues, such as the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid, Sala Hiroshima in Barcelona and the La Fábrica de Hielo in Valencia
Nerval advocates self-production, self-releasing and creative freedom. It has released two albums and it records, produces, mixes, masters, designs, edits and lists the tracks of all of its albums one by one, trying to find meaning and create a solid discourse in each concert or piece that it develops. In early 2017 it released its latest album, Impás EP I, the first part of a trilogy still in progress which is complemented by the Fiesta/Siesta/Fiesta concert performance presented at Nave 10.
Fiesta/Siesta/Fiesta started out as an unfinished research process undertaken during an artistic residency at Sala Hiroshima in Barcelona, with the aim of posing open questions on the concept of concert, performance and theatrical work. Nerval sums it up in the following manner: “It’s an interval, an unfinished discourse. A discursive concert housed in a performance laboratory. FIESTA as a cataclysm, incomprehensible nonsense that throws us into disarray and shakes our foundations. We must recognise ourselves after the storm and take stock. SIESTA. Learning to organise ourselves again and perhaps, with a bit of luck, finding new orders and systems to celebrate the progression of life towards death as a unique experience. FIESTA”.
Photo (c) Sara Bacigalupe 

Idea and Mise-en-Scène: Nerval
Musicians and performers: David Orrico (voice, acoustic guitar, ukulele, melodies and programmes), Tagore González (clarinet, bass clarinet, keyboards and percussion), Miguel Ángel Benito “PT” (drums and percussion)
Director: Juan Ollero and Nerval
A project created during a residency at: Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona)
In collaboration with Naves Matadero-International Living Arts Centre


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