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Desde el 02 de febrero 2018
al 18 de febrero 2018
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Espacio: Central de diseño

In September, 2017, 15 students from the Design Academy Eindhoven started an investigation in Madrid. Supported by the programme City Circles and hosted by DIMAD, they explored a 1km circle around Matadero Madrid in search of new stories and inspiring elements. Comming from different parts of the world, students faced their projects in diverse ways; collecting information, gathering material, looking for patterns, talking to locals, etc.

“This is an exhibition of our findings HERE (in Matadero) and OUT. We invite you to ”jump” from one project to another and travel across our individual perspectives and visions of the circle. An idea to reflect upon, with regards to our translation of Arganzuela and Usera after a short yet intense trip. We hope to provoke new ideas about the neighbourhood and inspire new perspectives to look at the city.”

City Circles
City Circles is a multidisciplinary design investigation tool that aids at exploring cities within the limits of a 1km/diameter circle. The project reveals and presents the specific features of urban micro-habits and inspires new perspectives and ways of seeing urban life. City Circles shows often unseen details about a local community.
A group of design students from different fields focus their investigations around two subjects: one given and one free. The given subjects in each City Circle are: craftwork, economy, flora and fauna, nutrition, health, human interaction, learning, matter and flow. The latter, flow, is addressed in collaboration with local design and architecture college students. 
Each student is free to choose their own perspective and develop their own research methods.

The goal of City Circles is to offer a way of exploring those aspects of a city that do not belong in data series. “Data” can only measure, but there's so much more out there. Moreover, having all City Circle projects the same themes, helps to frame the debate around them.

The chosen subjects give students the chance to explore their own interests and allow them to print their own and local characters into the investigation. The City Circle project tries to reveal the richness and versatility of urban life to create and adapt to the city over and over again.

City Circle Athens 17 was the project's first edition. City Circle Madrid 17-18 is the second one. City Circles is a concept and method developed by KETTER&Co.
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