Taller Bonus

Desde el 09 de marzo 2018
al 30 de junio 2018
Lugar: Nave 10, hall.
Hora: Fr 5 to 10 pm Sa, Su and holidays 12 to 8 pm.
Precio: Free admission.


Espacio: Naves Matadero

“The definitive event is a fall (…) what happens when balance is destroyed”,Jacques Lacan.

This phrase is the starting point of the intervention by Madrid’s Taller Bonus artists collective in the hall of Nave 10. Taller Bonus grew from a projects course in the Complutense University’s Faculty of Fine Arts in 2014. Different artists from various professional fields gradually joined the collective, until they had created a space for meetings, sculpture, illustration, reading, painting, conversation, work, photography, rest, drawing, engagement, and refuge.

Its current members are artists Carla Berrocal, David Benito, Manuel Mediavilla, Lapizero, Belén Terrón, Yolanda García, and Begoña FumeroImperfect beauty is the first joint work they have all created together. They conceive this challenge from the individual to the collective level, interacting with its various ways of dealing with art for work.

Inspired by the texts and drawings of creator Mónica Valenciano, the theme that seduced these artists and made them want to intervene the hall, was movement. From here, the boundaries of the walls will be at the service of the works they create.

“…When you lose verticality and the abyss appears before you, a possible fall, fear of failure. From the stability of the walker to the chaotic instant that hurls us to the ground and, in the middle of that process, movement appears as the moment of action, as the translation of the body, the object, breaking the dead space, falling into the void in the physical world, but also in the oneiric world. There are translations that last a lifetime, and fleeting moments that are insignificant and yet they all count, because they make us fall, pick ourselves up, dance, and hold our breath. 

Through drawing, photography, painting, installations, sculpture, comics, and textile design, Bonus Track pays tribute to the choreographer Monica Valenciano and her work”.
Taller Bonus: Carla Berrocal, David Benito, Manuel Mediavilla, Lapizero, Belén Terrón, Yolanda García and Begoña Fumero
Rehersal recordings for the installation by David Benito assigned by Marta Blanco 
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
© Matadero Madrid

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