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Second meeting of contemporary art curators

Desde el 25 de septiembre 2009
al 27 de septiembre 2009
Lugar: MUSAC (León) and Matadero Madrid
Hora: Friday, 10-14h and 15-20.30h. Saturday, 10-14.30h and 17-20h. And Sunday, 10-14h
Precio: Registration free until places filled
Dirección: Tania Pardo and Manuela Villa
An international meeting of generationally-linked contemporary art curators designed to foster the creation of social networks among professionals from the sector and draw attention to a range of issues concerning the redefinition of curator practice.

This reflection arises because curators have become one of the most ill-defined figures on the world art scene. The seminar will examine some of the conflicts and strategies which curators of today should consider: their commitment to the present, the relationship with the artists, new practices stemming from the organisation of non-exhibition projects, and the ‘visibilisation’ of the artistic process.

Reflection will also centre on the many definitions of curator, in the broad sense: as an initiator, producer of sense, exhibition organiser, mediator and generator of cooperation networks.

This meeting was celebrated last May in the MUSAC of León and its second part will be in Matadero Madrid (25, 26 and 27 September) . In the latter case, the seminar will be linked to one of the projects of the Matadero: the Archive of Madrid Creators. A database of visual artists from the city that will serve as a common thread to analyse the relationship between artist and curator.

During the symposium, the Archive will be used by the curators to get to know Madrid’s artistic fabric and to gain deeper insight into the proposals of some of the artists.

>Term of inscription opened until 5th of July


Day 1: 25 September

10.00-10.30h. Coffee-welcome: Agustín Pérez Rubio and Cristina Conde (Director General for Cultural Projects, Madrid City Council)

10.45-12.00h. Presentation of the symposium and summary of issues covered in León.
Tania Pardo and Manuela Villa

12.30-14.00 h. The curator-artist relationship
Leire Vergara and Latitudes (independent curators, Barcelona)

What is the relationship between curator and artist? What conflicts does the relationship throw up? What code of ethics should a curator follow when working with an artist? Is the curator a promoter of artists?

17.00–18.30 h. Redefining the artistic process and the concept of authorship
Beatriz Herráez (curator, Montehermoso Kulturunea Cultural Centre, Vitoria) and María Bella (curator of Intermediae, Madrid)

The new formats of contemporary art exhibition pose a series of challenges in terms of working dynamics and also question the notion of authorship. We will analyse these challenges and discuss the concept of authorship.

19.00–20.30 h. Panel Discussion. Strategies and conflicts of the 21st-century curator: the generational link
Moderator: Tania Pardo
Speakers: Manuel Segade, Iván López Munuera and Amanda Cuesta

Day 2: 26 September

10.00–12.00h. The artist as curator, the curator as artist
Manuela Moscoso (independent curator, Madrid) and David Armengol

The curator’s role is increasingly creative and some artists are becoming increasingly involved in curator work. To what can we attribute this change in paradigm? What can a curator-artist contribute? Are we witnessing artists becoming curators and curators becoming artists? Where is the boundary between the two disciplines?

12.30–14.30h. Panel Discussion. Energising and managing projects. Different production modes.
Moderator: Manuela Villa
Speakers: Virginia Torrente, David Arlandis / Javier Marroquí and Álex Brahim

17.00–20.00h. Work in the Archive of Madrid Creators: a look at the archive and interviews with artists of potential interest to each curator. Curators will be asked to select in advance from the online Archive a list of artists whom they would like to get to know better.

Day 3: 27 September

10.00 h–11.30 h. A conflict with transparency: the visibility of the curator and the artist.
Amanda Cuesta and RMS La Asociación
What does an artist expect from a curator? Is there a smooth relationship between the two? Can the artist live without the curator? To what extent should the curator influence the artist? Is the curator an artist enhancer or a squatter in the latter’s work?

12.00–14.00 h. Panel Discussion. Conclusions: Here and Now
Moderator: Beatriz Herráez
Speakers: David Armengol, Manuela Moscoso and Latitudes

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