After Care, Xeno Rafael
After Party, Xeno Rafael


Niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa

Desde el 21 de junio 2018
al 29 de julio 2018


Espacio: Centro de residencias artísticas

Siestas Negras (black siestas), an interactive exhibition and programme of activities by artists niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa who vindicate rest and leisure time as spaces for resistance.

Coproduced by the Centre for Artistic Residencies at Matadero Madrid and the LGTB Federal Association (FELGTB).

Within the Orgullo LGTB 2018 (Pride), the exhibition will be active from Saturday, June 30 from 7 pm with performances in DJ set format by the London groups Pussy Palace and Bbz and a Live Act by Nadia Rose. Due to reduced seating capacity, tickets will require previous sign-up through Matadero Madrid's web page (soon to be open)

The project will have a journal of science fiction texts, speculative essays, a glossary of rest and a user-guide for institutions that work with black artists. The journal will gather texts by the artists and other collaborators. It will be published in different online platforms such as The Guardian, The Observer, Dazed and Confused, Noisy and Gal-Dem, and it will also be available at the stands.

The Siestas Negras project comes from a research that proves how intentional fragmentation of sleep patterns has been used to subdue people in slavery times throughout History. Artists will also observe how this phenomenon still holds today even if it has changed its form and intensity: constant fatigue is still used today to tame our will.

Sosa and Acosta, African-Latin artists, make an even bolder statement pointing at the institution as a space in need of reparation. The installation Siestas Negras and the activities invite us to investigate and practice around the energetic recovery through play.
Artists niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa have collaborated for this project with guetho members from the city of Madrid. Their purpose is to give visibility to black community and migrants in general, specially trans, gender disidents and sex disidents. The exhibition is divided in different interactive topic stations that create intimate areas of respect and re-charge through elements such as water, air or vibration. A safe place to rest and recover. 
Openning soon for sign-up.

© Matadero Madrid

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