Modelos para una ciudad en la que caben lxs niñxs

Desde el 06 de noviembre 2018
al 15 de diciembre 2018
Precio: Free admission.


Espacio: Naves Matadero

The snake you see here is the first playground of the programme “Models for a city that includes children.” It was designed by the Polish artist Iza Rutkowska in collaboration with a number of girls and boys from Madrid. During a workshop with the children, the artist handed out a series of simplified technical drawings of the grounds of Matadero Madrid. The idea was to find the animals that seemed to be hiding in the maps which were inspired by a bird’s eye view of the shape of the buildings. Once the kids had identified the architecturally-based animals, they gave them characteristics and skills. 

“What animal is this?” is the result of combining all the drawings and the descriptions produced during the workshop. It also happens to be an animal that will be hibernating in la Nave until next spring. Throughout these months, this reptile-looking playground will develop its own personality and uses. It may even turn into another animal altogether or even leave this space and head for the city. 

Iza Rutkowska has extensive experience in the participatory design of installations and initiatives aimed at children, especially in public spaces. 
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