Sixth Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño

Desde el 26 de noviembre 2018
al 20 de enero 2019
Hora: Closed on: December 24, 25 ,31 and January 1


Espacio: Central de diseño

A new Biennial Ibero-American Design fair arrives, Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (BID), organized by DIMAD, and assembled every two years at Central de Diseño in Matadero Madrid. It has become the foremost gathering point for professionals and institutions of design in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. 

The BID started out as an adventure in 2007, introducing its advisory board in Madrid, formed by professionals of different fields of design who visit us this time as well.

The BID is a unique launching platform where we can truly appreciate the most innovative design from Latin-America, Spain and Portugal, straight from renowned design professionals and new young talents. The BID shows that the region has overcome a period where competition for production and prices was at the centre, and it can count now on a reserve of designers whose creativity and know-how add value to their products and allow for proper participation in the market.

In fact, the BID is much more than an exhibition of works. There are proposals that range from culture related aspects to education, the industry, and the market, and more broadly society and its needs. We will see clearer than ever that it is people and not objects the true goal of design: the proposals reflect thought and debate over new ways of production, use of materials business and entrepreneuring styles, as well as expressions of social integration and training for young people and future professionals. 
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
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