Ciclos Cineteca

Desde el 11 de enero 2019
al 30 de enero 2019
Lugar: Azcona hall Plató hall


Espacio: Cineteca

Untamed and wild, unruly and deeply personal, the film maker who walked on ice and over fire keeps a frantic production pace in the last years, although many of his films have had little or no success at all in Spanish movie theatres, where his tireless search for beauty has found little echo. Along with the Spanish premiere of his latest filmMeeting Gorvachev, screened exclusively at Cineteca, we include a programme of his last four works, where the German film maker explores the boundaries of humanity, or maybe those places where humanity -reason, knowledge, science- crash against the animal world, wildness, the unknown, the un-namable, the extatic or the heroic. It may be in the deapth of a volcano, in the skies, on a giant white baloon, in the insides of the internet, on deathrow or in the Siberian Taiga, but Herzog always finds a trace of humanity where there´s no life, where there´s no humans and glimmers of blinding light.

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