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Filipe Catto

14 de marzo 2019, 20.30 h.
Lugar: Nave 10. Sala Max Aub
Precio: 8 euros


Espacio: Naves Matadero

Duración: 75 minutes
According to the critics, brazilian singer, instrumentalist, composer, illustrator, and designer Filipe Catto is one of the best creators of the generation that emerged around the end of the 2000s. This multidisciplinary artist, called the new voice of Brazil, has shared the stage with singers of the stature of Maria Bethânia, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil or Toquinho, among others. 
Androgynous in the construction of his aesthetics, his poetic repertoire and his voice, he launched his EP Saga (2009) on the internet for free and it made such a social impact that the press from all over the country were falling at his feet. He has published four records since then. In 2018, he presented his latest record, which goes by his own surname Catto, at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin (Texas) where he was described as “a diva, a theatrical artist somewhere between Freddie Mercury and Maria Bethânia, Boleros and High Fashion Glam Rock”. 
An unparalleled phenomenon and a gender-breaker, the hypnotic timbre of his voice is tuned to a coherent discourse in which he likes to speak of unmentionable feelings that leave no room for nostalgia. With the attitude of a rock star and a sophisticated image akin to that of a contemporary Oscar Wilde, Catto sings to devoted love and dishevelled passion, in a repertoire full of charm and crudeness. Inspired by Janis Joplin, Elis Regina, P.J. Harvey or Maria Bethânia, Filipe Catto embraces tango, samba, blues, and electronic music to turn himself into a cosmic siren on the stage. All it takes to be swept away by his singing is to watch his videos on YouTube. 
This is what music journalist Patricia Palumbo has written about him: “He is a character all by himself, a poet from centuries gone by, dressed in jeans and Converse sneakers. As handsome and seductive as a young Rimbaud. With the freedom of the artists of his time -who today have the privilege of making music for the love of art and not to meet market demands- Filipe sings his truth, and this is the world we want to know”. 
In O nascimento de Vênus, he interprets the songs from his latest work Catto, and his hits from previous works such as Adoração, Depois de amanhã and Do Fundo do Coração. “This show is a celebration, a sensory experience of light, sound and textures. I thought a lot about the aesthetic concept of this show as if it was a shamanic ritual through pop music. Using the pop repertoire of this record to propose a liberating experience. Of dance, catharsis, bursting with emotion”, explains Filipe. Accompanied by his band of musicians he will cover different electronic timbres, ranging from gypsy pop, indie rock, and Brazilian music. The show O nascimento de Vênus casts light on one of the artist’s most brilliant moments, with an exciting repertoire and an honest and up-front delivery.


Voice: Filipe Catto
Guitar and keyboard: Felipe Puperi 
Guitar and synthesizer: DJ Jojo Lonestar 
Language: Portuguese

In collaboration with:

Embajada Brasil
Fundación Hispano Brasileña
Pessoa Produtora
Janela Brasil
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
© Matadero Madrid

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