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Intermediae promotes the role of the process as a means of experimentation, reflection and intervention concerning contemporary creation. It encourages the development of collective projects open to its audience’s participation.


Intermediae advocates, within an artistic and cutlural context, an action model based on critical dialogue and self-criticism. It takes on a perspective of equality and transparency with the public.

Action developed by Intermediae advocate the development of collaboration networks, horizontality and a multidisciplinary approach.

The interaction between Intermediae and its audience creates a platform in order to stimulate a constant formulation of questions. Both artists and the audience can produce answers that will eventually allow us to define our current cultural context and the one we are to face in the future.

Intermediae, a 1,900 sq. meters space, was the work of architect Arturo Franco, for which he won the Award for Building Rehabilitation in Madrid City Council’s 21st Urbanism, Architecture and Public Works Awards (2006).

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