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La Cineteca

The first and only cinema in the country dedicated nearly exclusively to non-fiction cinema.

The ticket office opens half an hour prior to each showing. You can also buy your tickets at and print them at home. Price per ticket: 3,50€.

Cineteca follows the path drawn by Matadero’s inimitable personality. It therefore embraces interdisciplinarity, site-specific work, experimentation, the construction of an emotional community, collective production of meaning, a procedural approach, increasing visibility, and principles of resource-based economy.

These principles guide the content and work featured by Cineteca, encompassing all activities related to audiovisual production. Cineteca is a pioneering space on Spanish soil that works nearly exclusively with non-fiction film. It looks to expand the horizons of those who love documentary cinema, which has its origins in the end of the 19th century with the Lumière brothers.

Sala Azcona - named in honor of the famous screenwriter from Logroño - is an presentation space for work by film and TV professionals. As well as this screening hall there are other spaces: a multi-purpose hall (Sala B), the Documenta Archive, the Plató, the Cantina and, finally, the Cineteca Patio. These make it possible to attend screenings and productions in different formats and various styles. Cineteca's productions are always developed with formal and narrative risk-taking in mind.

At Cineteca you can also find the Cantina, a meeting place which values healthy, natural food. The Cantina also has an open-air terrace with multi-purpose functions and space for screenings.

Hoy 21.04.19
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