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The Matadero Archive is a research and reference space for accessing the documentation housed by the four archives brought together here. Visual arts, performing arts, architecture and public art are present here thanks to, respectively, the Archivo de Creadores de Madrid, artea, Madrid Abierto and FreshMadrid, thus allowing access to a wide array of physical and digital documentation.

Archivo de Creadores de Madrid. A physical place and an online space for looking up documentation about artists related to Madrid, both national and international. Begun in 2009, the material stores comprises the work of 150 creators of visual and plas­tic artists born after 1970 and selected by esteemed curators. In an effort to optimize the archive and its role, a mobile version- Archimobile- has been created to take its work abroad to different cities.

Artea. This archive is a spin-off of the documen­tary and historiographical work started in 2005 by the Virtual Archive of Performing Arts, based on which the research group artea has built a video catalogue dedicated to contemporary performing practices: theatre, dance and performance. Its aim is to provide public access to documents that explore new options and methods and those that value processual work as a mode of experimenta­tion. Here it is possible to view entire works by Spanish and Iberoamerican artists from the 80s to the present.

FreshMadrid. Professionals trained in Madrid in the new millenium pushed for the creation of this archive after detecting a shift in attitudes about achitecture and reflecting upon its inherent difficulties and the apparent limits of discourse within the discipline. The concepts of competition, contest or prize don’t influence the selection process for FreshMadrid’s teams; what is essential in these young profession­als is a daring and assertive working style. The dif­ference is in this instrumental ideological stance and a strong bet on this new documentary model: a dig­ital archive designed to build strong ties.

Madrid Abierto. The Cultural Association Madrid Abierto organized the first of six editions of this public art interventions program in 2002; the results have generated a wealth of documenta­tion, available in full on the Matadero Archive and in part on the Association’s own website. It offers information about projects, audiovisual artwork, sound-based pieces, and provides details about the events, debates and publications the Associa­tion produces.

A reservation is required to visit the archive. To do so please contact us at or by phone at  915171233. 

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