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Nave de M鷖ica

A temple for music with radio and recording studios, rehearsal rooms and even a small stage for concerts.
The Nave de Música hosts Matadero Madrid's entire musical programme. With a radio studio, a professional recording studio, a small stage for concerts, nine rehearsal rooms and other facilities, the Nave de Música is a true musical village.
This space hosts presentations and collaborations including several of Spain's major music events. 
An important aspect of the space is the open call through which emerging musicians and artists are able to rent several of the studios for rehearsal and experimentation. Also through an open call, one of these studios is now dedicated to  artists whose career is not just focused music but the development of projects linked with sound, thereby exemplifying one of Matadero Madrid’s main objectives: dialogue and hybridisation between different artistic disciplines.

 Importantly, the Nave hosts the work of emerging artists-in.residence in Spain.

Covering over 4,000 sq. meters, this space is probably the city’s best example of new architecture that works with recycled and pre-existing elements, using limited resources but bringing exquisite attention to detail. It was designed by the young architects Langarita and Navarro, in collaboration with Mexican designer Jerónimo Hagerman.

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