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Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


OMA 'The Hospital of Future' | Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales


'The Hospital of the Future' is a visual manifesto that questions the prevailing conventions in the field of healthcare design, not only in terms of how hospitals are built but also why they are built the way they are built.

The work emerges from a research project led by Reinier de Graaf and his team at the renowned architectural office OMA. The film examines the role that disease has played in shaping cities and concludes with a speculative exploration into the future of healthcare design. The film is meant to stimulate a discussion about how to build viable cities for health and care.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global crisis, the hospital should not only be treated as an architectural problem but rather as one of urban planning and city organization, approaching it from a critical, transdisciplinary perspective.

The film has been produced with the support of Matadero Madrid Centre for Contemporary Creation.