Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Matadero Estudios Críticos

Matadero Madrid is a centre of interdisciplinary artistic practice set up to provide training and to produce and disseminate work and knowledge. Through its various public programmes, Matadero Madrid has built up a considerable body of research and experiments that is ordered, expanded and promoted in the form of a new programme of independent learning, Matadero Estudios Críticos (M.E.C.).

Matadero Estudios Críticos is a programme of independent studies linked in a cross-disciplinary manner to research groups working at the centre whose main goal is to generate collective working spaces where it will be possible to raise and address questions that help to critically question the times we live in through research and artistic practices.

Based on a range of theoretical and hands-on modules and courses, M.E.C. is structured around areas of work that define Matadero’s current programme and will be addressing issues such as the environmental crisis, migratory movements, the construction of dissident subjectivities, the crisis in discourses on the latest digital and technological utopia, critical pedagogy and the community production of culture.

As a working tool and an essential aspect of each of these courses, we will be working jointly on the publication of a series of books-cum-compilations that will include unpublished writings by artists and noted theorists on the subject in question, as well as other key texts never published before in Spanish. These various texts will be selected with a view to representing the diversity of perspectives, generations and voices that define each of the issues studied.