Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives

Today, more than ever before, we are in need of initiatives that can have a positive impact on public opinion and can allow us to imagine new scenarios for dealing with the current climate and health crises. In this context, the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives (IMNA) is the laboratory for cultural innovation in response to the climate emergency. Located at the Center for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid, and partnering with many institutions and universities, IMNA supports and proposes projects at the intersection between art, fiction, science and strategies based on collective intelligence.

The current planetary challenges require the practice of empathy and thinking beyond disciplines. Based on this belief, IMNA advocates for the formulation of a pact of justice and coexistence between all species, as well as for a sense of responsibility towards the future generations. Rather than being a traditional institution, IMNA functions as a mutant device that facilitates the adaptation to uncertain futures. It does so through artistic disruption and new forms of storytelling. It is a space for research, interdisciplinary experimental creation, and collective learning; a meeting place for highly diverse agents where the model to follow is the behaviour of ants, bees or slime molds with a thousand heads.



The IMNA has been promoting a series of projects and, through them, it has been experimenting with formats such as TV series, documentaries, podcasts and radio, radical and critical cartography, gamification and playful thinking, or online collaboration and digital platforms.

  • Cyborg Garden
  • Eco-visionaries
  • Riology. Empathic Strategies in Deep Times
  • Game of Swarms
  • Interspecies Communicator
  • Ministry of the Future
  • Radio Mutante
  • Artistic Climatic Residence
  • Cli-Fi TV Series
  • Arganzuela Ecosystem
  • Inhabit the River
  • Curator

    Amanda Masha Caminals

  • Coordination

    Natalia Matesanz Ventura - cumuloLimbo studio

  • Projects Coordinators

    Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa, Maria Buey

  • Grupo asesor

    Rosa Ferré, Juan Azcárate, Luis Tejero, Rafa Ruiz, Marisol Mena, Carlos Mataix, Julio Lumbreras, Sara Romero, Manuel Alméstar, María Ángeles Huerta, Luisa Fernanda Guerra, Simona Parfetti, Nieves Mestre, Alejandro Sacristán, elii [oficina de arquitectura], Ursula Heise y Rachel Armstrong

  • Network

    EIT Climate-KIC: Deep Demonstrations of Clean and Healthy Cities, un proyecto del Instituto Europeo de Innovación y Tecnología (EIT) Centro de Innovación en Tecnología para el Desarrollo Humano de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Ayuntamiento de Madrid a través de sus Áreas de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad y Relaciones Internacionales y de su Grupo Interdepartamental por el Clima Ferrovial | Centro de Creación Contemporánea Matadero Madrid. Supported by Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso.