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Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto

What Flesh Eats

This is a project about death and its presences. It seeks to be a modest digital sarcophagus in which to experience voices that speak to us of life as an exercise of choices as its end approaches.

It is made up by a series of short audiovisual pieces overlaid with voice-overs, live sound recordings and other possible ambient compositions. These pieces can be shown randomly, which means that their linear “montage” and how we watch them will therefore be different each time they are reproduced. The version made ready for the installation is expected to have a single viewing position with the spectators lying on the ground. As far as viewing them individually on other platforms is concerned, other possible developments have not been ruled out.

The images that make up this work are based on what one might call a kind of contemporary vanitas. The sequences will not necessarily be unified in terms of image style or general aesthetics. The fact that the resources may sometimes be poor and that anyone could take the images does not mean that beauty is eschewed. Certain pieces may work thanks to their pictorial, analogue or drawing quality, or as analogue or digital collages.

Our perception of experience, knowledge, beauty, love or exploitation is marked by our awareness of our finite nature. By connecting with our demise at a personal level or even at that of civilisation or the ecosystem, may help us to extract ourselves from this rut we are in, this present continuous that serves a number of very questionable interests, and which does not seem to make us all that happy.

In this way, we could consider this approach to a tragic sense of life as a possible vitalist and micropolitical inflexion, a transcendent experience in historic times of cyclical crises, pandemic and concern, times that are on occasions obscure and frivolous, where we can nevertheless make room for complex joy, for that which belongs to all of us, for a different image and words that have meaning.

Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto (Madrid, 1971/ Mérida,1973)

Their projects revolve around the political construction of subjects and communities, the reappropriation of popular culture, narrative, memory, emotional malaise under the new forms of capitalism and the poor image that stands as construction and democratises creation. As secondary school teachers, they are engaged in reflection, training and artistic practice in the field of audio-visual literacy and critical pedagogies.

They have exhibited Formato Cómodo, Madrid; Casa sin Fin, Caceres / Madrid; Puertas de Castilla, Murcia; TinBox Gallery, Bordeaux; Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid; Intermediae Matadero, Madrid; "la Caixa” Foundation, Lerida; Espais Foundation, Gerona; Medialab Madrid and MEIAC, Badajoz.

They are founding members of the Circo Interior Bruto and of Las Lindes, a research and action group in the field of education, art and cultural practices at the CA2M, Mostoles. They directed Estancias Injuve for Young Artists (2005-2007).