Ximena y Sergio

Desde el 06 de septiembre 2017
al 31 de diciembre 2017
Lugar: Hall Nave 10
Hora: Fridays, 5 - 8 pm. Saturdays and Sundays, Noon to 8 pm.
Precio: Free Entrance


Espacio: Naves Matadero

Photographers Ximena Garrigues and Sergio Moya had a camera in their hands when they first met. Four eyes, a shot and ten years later, they are still working together. They have become essential in the Spanish publishers' universe, they sign portraits for the main national publishers. In March 2017 they came to Naves Matadero with the purpose of portraying the work of the first season's artists. “And from the first session, we understood the magic of the setting. It is a place for illumination, light fades in and out within the picture. The natural light inside moves fast. We have contemplated un-shot photographs, some faded in front of our eyes, but we have enjoyed that movement”, they said. They are natural born investigators of light, gesture and portrait. Throughout their career they have rendered immortal whole villages, families, folklore, streets and lanes, still life and anything they encounter in it's own beauty. But they specially enjoy portrait. It's much like deciphering the hidden side of a human being with the aid of a lens.
The non-verbal dialogue in a portrait is primary, reciprocal and absolute. There's heavy information traffic in the session. It all starts with a look, the first one. Then, cautiously, the rest of the body. Later a kiss or a hand shake. And in the end, the rest, the photograph”, they explain.
10y11 (10&11) shows all this and more, because sometimes the portrait happens with the first shot and others when the camera is put away. But in this case, as if they were thieves or silent witnesses of art, magic happens in front of their eyes and the result crosses the hall from the walls to our very eyes.
“Talent, conflicts, success, sensibilities, movement and red lights, children, tragedies, nightmares, sound, madness, 100 faces in one shot, sex, nefertitis, history and an elegante señora judía (elegant jewish lady). The words and images are exposed here for you to play”.
JOBO Joven Bono Cultural
© Matadero Madrid

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