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Open call for the Matadero Terrace
What is Escaravox? Escaravox is one of those places where you have a good time.  Have you heard of Matadero Terrace?  Well, this year the architect Andrés Jaque has built two mobile installations based on watering systems and equipped with a sound system, a screen for projecting visuals, a speaker’s corner, plants and even a waterbed, for the use and enjoyment of all of Madrid's citizens.   Escaravox Oficial and Escaravox Populi Escaravox Oficial is a series of activities designed by the collective ¡JA! to provide its services each Thursday beginning the 28th of June and ending the 13th of September.   Escaravox Populi makes these services available to anyone who would like to use these resources to develop artistic endeavours each Friday this summer.     What does Escaravox Pópuli offer?   Two modules: Escaravox Lux, designed for audiovisual projects, and Escaravox Sonum, featuring a stage and sound equipment. In addition, on the Terrace you can find furniture that lends itself to the needs presented by your activity: a work table, stands with chairs, etc. Take a look at our resources (Annex I), is what we have to offer.  If your activity requires more, you can bring whatever you may need.  Take over the space, but remember that you're not the only one, respect basic rules for sharing a space.   When will I be able to use Escaravox?   Every Friday in the summer of 2012, from 29 June till 14 September from 9pm till 12am.     Who can apply to participate?   You, your artist friends, your friend from abroad who's come for a visit, that former classmate from school who you never see and has just come to see you in August, your cousin Jimena's grandmother... You come up with the idea and we'll got an Escaravox for it.     How do I apply?   Send your idea to and attach the file from Annex II with the required information filled in.     What kind of deadline is there to apply?   From right now on, 2pm on Friday, 31 August, 2012.     How are projects chosen?   There are many of us and only just a few Fridays, which means the Matadero team will select the most diverse, interesting and fun projects. The number of selected projects depends on the spaces requested and the length of time needed to complete them.    When will I know if I have been chosen?   The chosen proposals will be announced gradually throughout the summer months on the Matadero Madrid web page: and on the Terrace blog: Matadero/Escaravox  A letter informing the chosen applicants will also arrive at the address provided by them.

Before presenting your project, we suggest you take a look at our WHITE RULES AND REGULATIONS 'BOOK' forEscaravox Populi, which must be signed and turned in to us with your application.