Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Centre for Artists in Residence

The centre’s work is based on the firm belief that public institutions are duty bound to support experimentation rather than the reproduction of standard formulas. This means that Matadero Madrid plays with new formats of cultural production, which provides residency work spaces for homegrown and overseas creative artists.

Through agreements with cultural institutions in other countries, Matadero Madrid runs a programme of regular interdisciplinary residencies in which the city's artists work alongside fellow creatives from other cities and have the chance to travel to other residency locations elsewhere in the world. After a period of coexistence in the work spaces, the processes are opened up to the local community with a public viewing.


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  • Head of Programme

    Luisa Espino

  • Project Coordinators

    Mercedes Álvarez Espariz, Isabel Galán López

Artists in residence

Art and Education Residency
Sara García
moulding mourning mouths
Adrianna Szojda
In-between soil and debris: regenerative practices and methodologies with and for the damaged world 
Elena Prous
Sintomatologías: Aprendizajes espásticos (Symptomatologies: Spastic Learning)