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The Internet Yami Ichi Madrid

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Tentacular Festival 2019

Internet Yami-Ichi (Japanese trad.: Internet Black Market) is a free to attend market where people meet to sell or exchange things related to the Internet. Half market and cabinet of curiosities, half meeting of superusers, designers, programmers, local and international artists, the Yami-Ichi is an open and fun space where ideas, images, absurd inventions and everyday objects are trafficked from the most imaginative, insidious and invisible areas of the web.
  The first Internet Yami-Ichi was organized in Tokyo in 2012 by the artistic duo Exonemo and its mysterious online art collective IDPW “a secret society on the Internet that goes back more than 100 years” since then has traveled to numerous cities, including New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Moscow, Amsterdam and Seoul, among others. The second edition in Madrid comes from the hand of Tentacular in collaboration with Julián Pérez and Mario Santamaría.
Among the items that have been sold in previous Yami-Ichis we can find: forbidden links, Spotify advertising tapes, a rehabilitation clinic for Internet addicts, advice for writing hate e-mails, user passwords, snowballs “Edward Snowden”, apps rejected by Apple, Likes at 1 € and all kinds of meme artifacts and objects that deal with Internet culture. > See photos of previous edition
The Yami-Ichi will take place during the Tentacular Festival 2019.

Participation is free of charge.

Deadline: november 15, 2019

Some aspects to consider:

  • Offer Internet-like things
  • Participation can be individuals or groups
  • The public event is on SAT November 23, 2019, from 12 AM to 5 PM
  • The participants build and dismantle their own stands
  • Vendors should arrive at least one hour before the event starts
  • No dangerous, harmful or illegal stuff
  • Set the price you prefer
  • Bring your own cash change for your customers
  • The organization provides tables, chairs, WLAN and electricity
  • Food and drinks are available for the participants



If you have any question regarding the Internet Yami-Ichi send us an email to