Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Central de Diseño

A venue dedicated exclusively to design, to Madrid and its people. It is a place where all kinds of projects relating to graphic, industrial, interior design and fashion are generated
Logo Central de Diseño

Matadero boasts a valuable location for the dissemination and promotion of design. Design is a discipline which lies mid-way between economics and culture: graphic design, product design and spatial design. These can all be looked at from a mainstream cultural perspective, which is able to apply creative values to economic activity.

Conceived as a whole, the Central de Diseño (Design Center) embraces both tried and tested formulas as well as training, dissemination and day-to-day creative activities. It has already become a powerful generator of internal and external services within the whole of the Matadero Madrid complex, providing a range of support to other components of Madrid’s new cultural axis.

The Center, which is managed by the Fundación Diseño Madrid, in collaboration with the Association of Madrid Designers (DIMAD), is a point of reference for the sector both nationally and internationally. The logo of Matadero Madrid, which was produced by a team of prestigious designers, is the first outcome of the collaboration between DIMAD and the City Council of Madrid.

Since November 2007, the Design Centre is located in a space in Nave 17, renovated by architect José Antonio Roldán.