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Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


Capítulo uno. Conversation with Kit Mackintosh and Paula Pérez-Roda


Matadero Madrid, in a new chapter of its monthly program of meetings with the best international literature, talked with the author, music producer and DJ, specialized in electronic and urban music, Kit Mackintosh, who has studied sound innovation, Afrofuturism and evolution of Jamaican music and its diaspora over the past half century.

His latest book, 'Neon Screams. How drill, trap and bashment made music new again' (Black Box, 2022) aims to be a manifesto for the new musical futurism that is already announced in genres such as trap, contemporary variants of dancehall, drill or bashment, and that they are redefining music with constantly changing technology. The author was talk with the academic and researcher specializing in cultural studies Paula Pérez-Roda in a talk entitled “They told you that the future had ended. You lied". In addition, at the end of the conversation, Kit Mackintosh will offer a musical listening session, with pieces specially selected by himself.