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Capítulo uno. Haepaary. Electronic music session


Haepaary is an electronic music duo set on redefining the strict musical and literary formality of traditional Korean poems with their songs. Hailing from Seoul, the two musicians, Hyewon (instrumentalist) and Minhee (vocalist) have won Korean Music Awards in the Best Electronic Song and Best Electronic Album categories for their reinterpretation of the melodies and lyrics of the Jongmyojeryeak, the ritual music of the Jongmyo and Yeongnyeongjeon temples, a traditional Korean vocal genre that emerged in the 15th century and has hitherto always been performed exclusively by men. This is their way of disconnecting the formality and discipline of Confucian music and reconstructing it within the parameters of rave and trance. Haepaary transforms the original narrative into something new and totally original.