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Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


Tentacular Festival. Anab Jain


Superflux creates worlds, stories and tools that provoke and inspire us to engage with the precarity of our rapidly changing world.Founded by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern, the studio has gained critical acclaim for producing work that navigates the entangled wilderness of our technological, political and cultural landscape. Continually exploring the hinterlands of this new normal, and surveying the complex forms emerging on the horizon of our near future.

Anab Jain is a designer, filmmaker, and co-founder of Superflux, a critically acclaimed foresight, design and technology company in London working for clients like V&A, Google, UNDP and BBC. Anab’s work has won honours from Apple Computers Inc., UNESCO, Geneva Human Rights Festival, and TED. Her work has been featured on NPR Radio, BBC 4, CBC, New York Times, Evening Standard, and the Guardian, and exhibited MoMA New York, V&A Museum and National Museum of China amongst others. Anab is also Professor and Programme Leader for Design Investigations at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.