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Medialab en Matadero

Medialab is a community laboratory that acts as a meeting place for the production of open cultural projects. Anyone can submit proposals of their own or help carry out other proposals. The activities are organised around working groups, open calls for the production of projects, collaborative research and learning communities dedicated to a wide range of topics.

As a space that is open to the public, it functions thanks to its cultural mediation programme which is designed to guide and welcome users and to connect them to projects and vice versa, turning the space into a hospitable place where listening and care play key roles.  The activities are geared towards production and debate and have different formats and times to be able to respond to different interests and people’s ability to take part in them.

Medialab’s production focuses on the initial phases of the projects, i.e., on their prototyping. These prototyping processes are channelled through open calls for participation in collaborative prototyping workshops. The methodology of these workshops involves the formation of interdisciplinary groups that work on various proposals selected through open calls.

Medialab encourages the development and use of free and open-source hardware and software tools, in line with our philosophy of free access to knowledge and collaborative work. All online content is published under free licenses. Through different activities, we promote research and the testing of archiving and project documentation models so that they can be accessible and replicable.

  • Curator

    Eduardo Castillo

  • Head of Programme

    Laura Fernández

  • Project Coordinators

    Paca Blanco, Sonia Díez, Patricia Domínguez, Daniel Pietrosemoli


Special projects
Desde 28/01/2021 17:00 hasta 28/10/2021 20:30