Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From October to December 2023

Bruno Delgado Ramo

Sesión inaugural (Inaugural Session)

Inaugural Session allows the artist to explore the audiovisual and conceptual possibilities of the sky, starting from the Roman “inaugurations” and the observational practices of their augurs, and trying to link them to different elements of contemporary culture and of the medium of film itself. The augurs were priests who made predictions and prophecies (the “inaugurations”) by observing the sky from specific locations and taking as signs both the flight and song of birds and meteorological and celestial phenomena. During his residency, he intends to produce the first chapter of a film essay and to prepare an extended presentation conceived for the cinema.

Bruno Delgado Ramo approaches his interdisciplinary work as research based on the experimental and material practice of film media, in which ideas such as specificity, procedure and spatial reading are important. His practice is expressed in films, actions, devices and publications. His work has been programmed at the festivals of Rotterdam, Pesaro, or Vila do Conde; as part of Exis, Light Field, (S8) Mostra de cinema periférico, Nomadica, WIELS, FRACTO, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, INJUVE or BilbaoArte; and together with the work of Esperanza Collado at Image Forum or the Taipei Contemporary Art Centre. Since 2021, he has been working with Paula Guerrero as part of the Las Synergys collective, which explores the confluence of live cinematic and musical experiences. They have also launched the Gabinete kino~okno project, programming film sessions and encounters related to the practice of material cinema and performance art.