Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Cayetano Sempere


Solo project by Irene de la Cueva. In this residence she will produce an ambient or dark ambient record using production and musical techniques

Ivankovà is a solo project by Irene de la Cueva, who was formerly in other bands such as Yocasta or Difunta Calva. It was born in Autumn 2015 as a way of emotional healing and it materialized in the creation of a self produced EP with four songs, where she uses mantras and repetition to create atmospheres. Her tools are her voice, keyboard and the creation of electronic sounds from the transformation of organic sounds. Her aim is to make her songs drive us to a precise spiritual and intimante state where mantras serve as soothing balm and accompaniment in our journey through the depths of our soul.

Her style lies within ambient or dark ambient music, as well as new age, with references from sacred and ritual music. Xisco Rojo was in charge of masterization and editing of the EP for Holy Hoof Records in 2017.

For this residence, her intention is to produce a record within the same style and aesthetic parameters but digging further into production, music and performance techniques, with special interest in vocal and choral compositions and the electronic base. It is a challenge for Ivankovà to exit the intimacy of her room and create from an open space that is shared with other projects, such as the Nave de Residencias Artísticas.