Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Cortesía de la artista dominicana Yaneris Gomez Gonzalez
Del 1 enero 2020 al 30 junio 2021

Jeannette Tineo


Pedagogy is usually "one of the master's tools”, in the words of Audre Lorde (1988), in other words, it is a set of procedures and artefacts that indoctrinate specific experiences, turning our feeling-thinking into a product of the racial, patriarchal (cis), heteronormative capital that distinguishes modernity-coloniality.

The project “Encarnación Caribeña en Madrid: Pedagogías de la Re-existencia Bachatera” (Caribbean Incarnation in Madrid: Pedagogies of Bachatera Re-existence” is put forward as an Afro-feminist stuttering that contributes from art, particularly the approach of "art therapy" and "psychodrama” to the "decolonisation of minds-bodies" (thiong'o, 2015). It consists of an approach to the scenarios of re-existence created by (Afro) diasporic groups in the context of Madrid, based on a narrative of marronage,  by means of pedagogical actions that use soap operas, dance and music; beauty parlours, as another aesthetic of communality (Gladys Tzul Tzul, 2019). As an archipelago of black transatlantic emotions, “with one foot here and the other foot there”, the Dominican Caribbean will be the bridge to weave from light-heartedness, anger and embrace, a common memory (memories) of resistance in Madrid.

Jeannette is a clinical psychologist with an extensive background in social research.  She is an anti-racist feminist, a Caribbean bird. Her work includes training from a decolonial perspective, psychosocial intervention based on tools of ancestral healing; writing, dance and daily dramaturgy, as scenarios on which to recover “the yolero spirit" contained in the Caribbean and its diasporas. 

(Photography courtesy of Dominican artist Yaneris Gomez Gonzalez)